Thursday, March 19, 2009

Know Your Body Challenge

For those of you with whom I shared my paranoia, I am happy to say THE LUMP IS GONE! I found a lump in my armpit a few weeks ago and immediately thought I had breast cancer. I was out of town at the time and wondered if maybe it was just some crazy zit or something. When it began to increase in size over the next few days I began to worry. Of course I couldn't get into my Doc for a week so I just kept my eye on it and secretly thought I was dying. Seriously! I am such a hypochondriac with cancer. Anywho, it has finally subsided and I think it was just a swollen axillary lymph node.
This whole experience got me thinking that I am glad I do self-exams and get regular check-ups. So many lumps and bumps and diseases etc. can be taken care of if found in time. So, if you are not doing breast and skin exams, getting regular colonoscopies, mammograms or other exams you should be getting-GET ON THE BALL! If you cannot remember the last time you went to the doctor, don't know your BMI, cholesterol or blood pressure GET THEM CHECKED! Furthermore, make sure your loved ones are getting checked too. Men are especially bad at going to the doctor. I just make Mike appointments on his days off and tell him about it a week or so in advance. Sometimes he groans about taking time out of his free day, but I would rather he miss a couple of hours of fun than a few years.

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